THE BROKEN ONES - Crime/Supernatural/Thriller        Television Program

Based on the Novel by




Executive Producer




Stephen Irwin


Stephen Irwin


James Vernon (Predestination, A Few Good Men)


Mark Overett

Vickie Gest

Lauren Ford



The World is in Chaos.


Three years ago, on what’s become known as Grey Wednesday, the world became haunted. Everyone suddenly acquired a personal ghost – a friend, a lost sibling, an ex-spouse, an enemy – which is unshakable as a shadow. These peering, silent phantoms have driven millions to despair, and the global economy is in freefall. Detective Oscar Mariani’s ghost is a boy he doesn’t recognise. When the boy appeared on Grey Wednesday in front of Oscar’s car, the detective swerved, striking a young girl who now lies broken in a decrepit nursing home.


Now, Oscar heads a failing unit that investigates ghost murders – killings that perpetrators claim their ghosts drove them to commit. But the discovery of murdered teenage girls, mutilated with arcane and disturbing symbols, shakes Oscar into new action. As Oscar closes in on the killer, his only chance to survive rests with the dead boy that haunts him and who seems to have a deadly secret of his own.


“Gothic, gripping and genuinely scary” Who Weekly  “Irwin has written a masterpiece” ABC Radio