THE FEAR OF DARKNESS - Psychological thriller   (2014)






Dr Sarah Faithfull

Skye Williams

Dr Nicholas Trengrove

Snr Det. Von Holzen

Matt Sorensen

Det. Gardiner

Dr Helen Rosenthal


Executive Producers










Chris Fichett (Blood Money, Desolation Angels)


Chris Fitchett (Cassandra, Blood Money)



Meave Dermody

Penelope Mitchell

Aaron Pederson

Damian Garvey

Mark Winter

Christopher Sommers

Helen Howard


Michael Burton

Phil Hunt

Compton Ross

Gary Hamilton

Michael Wrenn

Chris Fitchett


Mark Overett


AU$ 1.7m


Dr. Sarah Faithful is a brilliant young psychiatrist who believes that there are no

mysteries that can’t be explained by behavioural science.


But Sarah is confronted by the possibility that everything is not what it seems when she hypnotises Skye Williams, a seventeen year-old university student who is the prime suspect in the disappearance of her boyfriend, Jeremy.


Sarah discovers that on the night of Jeremy’s disappearance, Skye was under the

influence of a powerful hallucinogenic drug called Dimethyl-tryptamine (DMT). Skye believes that she crossed over to a parallel world where she encountered an alien creature that only exists in darkness.


Skye continues to be haunted by this creature and she tries to convince Sarah that

because she went into its world, it has now come into hers. Sarah’s explanation,

however, is quite rational: Skye is simply suffering from hallucinations and this creature is just a manifestation of her deep-seated unconscious fears.


But when Skye’s lecturer, Matt, goes missing in exactly the same way as Jeremy, Sarah is forced to confront the creature herself and in doing so she discovers the terrible truth; not only does it dwell deep within Skye’s unconscious, it also lies deep within her own.


Developed and Produced with the support of Screen Queensland.